Wednesday, 08 October 2014

Heineken, a leading international premium lager beer,
has unveiled its latest global campaign, ‘Cities of the
World,’ aimed to inspire men to live worldly new
adventures by unlocking the secrets of their cities. The
fully integrated campaign includes a two-minute TVC,
on-line activation and special edition Heineken bottles.
The latest TVC, ‘The City,’ is the seventh film in ‘The
Legends’ series featuring Men of the World who are
pushed to discover their limits and go beyond them.
Created by Heineken, in partnership with Wieden +
Kennedy Amsterdam, its main character embarks on an
adventure by following a set of business cards lost by a
beautiful woman, Eve, with each card uncovering
surprising and hidden venues in his city. The TVC is a
reminder to Men of the World that every great city
offers an endless adventure within its sky-scraping
towers and neon lit streets. It reinforces the notion that
men should never stop exploring their own urban
“Men of the World want to make the most out of their
time in the city, because they know life only gives them
one shot. So, they really live their city by seeking out
new experiences and adventures and they have an
underlying fear of missing out on the best ones,” said
Ngozi Nkwoji, senior brand manager, Heineken.
She said: “Heineken is always looking for innovative
ways to interact with our Men of the World. Knowing
that they fear missing out, Heineken is there to help by
giving them the inspiration they need to become
legends in their city. Our Men of the World know the
usual hotspots in their cities, and they are seeking new
On the rational for the campaign, the senior brand
manager reiterated that the ‘Cities of the World’
campaign “aims to inspire and motivate them to get out
of their comfort zones, to embrace the unusual and
embark on worldly adventures in their own cities.”


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