Saturday, 20 August 2016

Consumers of  La Casera Apple Drink in Nigeria can now be rest assured about the beverage. NAFDAC, SON and MAN have endorsed the wholesomeness of the Carbonated Soft Drink (CSD) after being trailed by controversies.

This declaration was made yesterday while officials from these agencies and the media visited the ultra modern multi billion naira production facility of the La Casera Company, which no doubt dispelled all negative insinuations, and restated emphatically that La Casera is good for consumption.

Director General of NAFDAC who was duly represented by her Special Assistant, Mr. William Effiok, expressed great delight at the company’s level of compliance and strict adherence to modern food and beverage production guidelines, he also stated his satisfaction with the firm’s seamless production process flow which eliminated human interference to the highest degree right from its ingredient mixing unit down to product stacking and storage in its warehouse.

“Food handling and contact is the major cause of product contamination in food processing, and with a system such as this in place, it is remarkably obvious that La Casera apple drink is manufactured under the strictest hygiene condition, and with its NAFDAC certification earned over the years, we hereby restate that La Casera drink is wholesome and fit for consumption by the general public” stated William.

On his part, the Director, Product Certification, Standards Organization of Nigeria (SON), Mr. Bayo Adigun, also commended the management of La Casera for its doggedness and stand even in times of national economic challenges such as this.

“La Casera’ approval by SON is not in question in any way, and what we have witnessed here today further buttresses why La Casera remains a trusted brand in the Nigeria Beverage industry” said Adigun.”

Acting DG, Manufacturers Association of Nigeria (MAN), Mr. Segun Ajayi-Kadir in his remark said The La Casera Company which has been in Nigeria since the year 2000 is an example of a visionary company, and cannot be compared to several ‘flight’ companies which in the face of slight provocation, throw in the towel, close shop and jet out of the country. He therefore informed Nigerians to dismiss any unfounded rumour about the products from the La Casera Company, as it is endorsed by NAFDAC and SON.

In closing, the Managing Director of the La Casera Company, Mr. Roland Ebelt reiterated La Casera’s commitment to producing high quality products to its consumers, even as its production line from start to finish is free of human contact.

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