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Earlier this week TV star Charlie Sheen decided to call the bluff of his blackmailers of over 4years to tell the whole world on National TV he’s H.I.V positive. In a chat with NBC’s Matt Lauer he said ““I am, in fact, H.I.V.-positive,”. The troubled television star revealed his status on Tuesday, and that he had paid people upward of $10 million to keep mum about this. The actor said he had known about the diagnosis for about four years but did not know how he contracted the virus.
Mr. Sheen asserted that it was “impossible” that he had knowingly transmitted the disease to other people. He said he had disclosed his diagnosis to all of his sex partners.

Charlie Sheen’ s porn star partners have come forward to defend themselves against claims they were the ones who gave the actor HIV.

Jayme Langford and Jana Jordan – – who Sheen dubbed his “angels” back in 2013 – – say they ‘ re both HIV negative . They say they ‘ ve been tested repeatedly and are free of the virus . Jordan fears all the talk that Charlie got HIV from them is going to ruin her career in porn .
Sheen’ s Goddess, whose porn name is Georgia Jones , says she’ s also HIV negative . In fact, we ‘ re told she gets tested every 14 days and hasn’ t been with Charlie in more than 2 years.
Elizabeth Bentley , who ‘ s also been with Charlie , tells us she ‘ s been tested 12 times since their April fling — and again she did not contract the virus .

All of the women are upset that the finger is being pointed at porn stars , when they are tested more than just about anyone who is sexually active wa
Over the years, Mr. Sheen has acknowledged extensive drug use and the hiring of prostitutes. Mr. Sheen was once the highest-paid television actor, but his personal life became the focus of global media attention in 2011 after he had a drug-fueled public meltdown, and CBS was forced to temporarily shut down production of his hit sitcom, “Two and a Half Men.” Mr. Sheen was fired from the series, but he quickly returned with the FX comedy “Anger Management,” since canceled. Hollywood databases indicate that Mr. Sheen has no current television or movie projects.
An H.I.V. diagnosis was much more serious and often fatal decades ago, but now, while there is no cure, a regimen of antiretroviral drugs makes it a more manageable illness. Public understanding of H.I.V. has also come a long way since 1991, when the basketball star Magic Johnson disclosed his status. Since then, Mr. Johnson has backed AIDS-related efforts for the United Nations and other advocacy groups.

His private doctor, Dr. Robert Huizenga, an associate professor of clinical medicine at the University of California in Los Angeles confirmed that charlie had been immediately put on treatment after he was diagnosed, and the treatment had suppressed the virus. He said that the actor did not have AIDS and was “absolutely healthy,” adding that his biggest concerns for Mr. Sheen were depression and substance abuse.

Jenny Macarthy a radio host on Sirius XM radio said “ I have sympathy for him because, you know , he ’s sick and it ’ s awful but man , he’ s going to have to take some major accountability … with many people in his life ,” she said .
“ Can you imagine being a girl that we don ’t even obviously know about yet that is freaking out in a doctor ’s office right now ? So many!”

We wish Mr. Sheen a more productive life as he lives through this tough periods.

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  1. Emily Linger says:

    What I don’t get is when did HIV be no big deal??? Sheen and his dr made it seem like he was practically cured and basically just managing a condition that was a minor inconvenience. I feel like I missed something…

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