Monday, 11 August 2014

Etisalat Nigeria has announced the sale of 2,136 of its
towers to IHS Holding Limited (“IHS”) as part of a
broader strategy to drive improvements in the quality of
its network performance and to accelerate roll out of 2G
and 3G coverage and new services to its customers.
The transaction, the first by a major GSM operator in
Nigeria, is expected to close later this year.
Etisalat currently has the highest quality network in
Nigeria and the partnership with IHS is designed to
promote network sharing, ensure higher quality, sustain
reliable mobile services, lower overall costs and also
promote a cleaner environment through reduced diesel
usage and increased investments in alternative energy
Over the past 18 months, IHS has installed a large
number of alternative energy sites in Nigeria.
These investments in addition to further investments in
its state-of-the-art Network Operations Centre (NOC)
mean that uptimes of over 99 percent are achieved on
its owned sites. Under the terms of this transaction, IHS
has committed to investing a further $100 million in the
towers acquired, on advanced generators, efficient
batteries and alternative energy solutions to reduce
diesel consumption and improve efficiency of grid use.
Matthew Willsher, CEO of Etisalat Nigeria, said:
“Continued demand for mobile connectivity along with
increased consumption of data requires reliable and
effective networks that are also cost efficient for
network operators. The decision to sell our passive
infrastructure to an experienced commercial partner,
such as IHS, is part of our strategy to increase network
coverage and capacity which is already rated number 1
for quality of service by the Nigerian Communications
Issam Darwish, CEO of IHS, said: “We are delighted to
have been trusted by Etisalat Nigeria with their passive
network infrastructure. Our market-leading operations
team, managed through a state-of-the-art network
operations centre and our continual investment in
better, more efficient systems and technologies will
ensure that that trust is well-placed. This partnership
will provide significant long-term benefits to Etisalat
Nigeria, allowing them to focus entirely on marketing
new customer propositions to a wider market.”
Upon the conclusion of this transaction, IHS will own
and manage over 6,540 towers in Nigeria, all of which
will be managed by the most advanced NOC in the
country, providing customers with market and industry
leading levels of passive network uptime. IHS will
market services on the towers promoting tower sharing
and co – location to help drive network improvements,
better service to subscribers and economic growth.
Etisalat Nigeria is one of the 19 operations of the
Etisalat Group that span across Africa, Middle East and
Asia serving over 182 million subscribers. Etisalat
Nigeria is committed to delivering innovative and quality
services to its growing subscribers.
IHS Towers is Africa’s leading independent mobile
telecoms infrastructure provider headquartered in
Nigeria. Founded in 2001, IHS provides services across
the full tower value chain and managed services,
deployment and site ownership. IHS Towers has
operations in Nigeria, Cameroon, Côte d’Ivoire, Zambia,
and Rwanda, currently manages over 10,000 towers in
Africa, prior to this transaction.

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