Thursday, 11 September 2014

Topic: Your Path

Opening Scripture: Proverbs 4:18-‘ but the path of the just is like the shining sun, that shines even brighter unto the perfect day’.

Our opening scripture makes us understand that as God’s children, we are suppose to go from glory to glory, we are suppose to excel everyday in life, i.e it should not be said of us that we had a better yesterday because we are suppose to shine more and more, our lives are to record success continually.
As much as we are to shine, there is something we need to know, the bible says ‘the path’ that means until you’re on this path, it’s most likely you wouldn’t shine. Secondly, it’s the path of the just that would shine not just the path of anybody.It’s only the path of the just that is permitted to shine exceedingly. Note also that you can be just and not be on the path, it’s one thing for to be just (born again) it’s another for you to be on the path God has placed for you. Many children of God suffer retardation because they are not on their God given path .
Don’t try to be like everyone, God has a path for you to follow, and until you maintain your path, the struggle continues; it’s my prayer that you won’t miss your path of glory in Jesus name amen. Just incase you’re not born again you need to be so you can have access to God’s path for your life, if you’re born again and you’re not experiencing glory as it ought to be, then you need to pray and ask God who know all things for divine direction as you do, you would be changed because His word has said we should call upon Him and indeed He would answer us and show to us great and mighty things that we do not know(Jer 33:3) . You won’t miss out in Jesus name amen.

Lesson for the day-until we are on our God given paths, we won’t experience illuminating glory- ‘maintain your path’

Quotes: You can learn great things from your mistakes when you aren’t busy denying them.

Lifeforce prayers: I receive power to overcome the spirit of fear in the name of Jesus.
Spirit of boldness, rest on me now in the name of Jesus.
By the blood of Jesus, I break the yoke of stagnation upon my life and destiny in the name of Jesus. Amen!!!

Compilation by: UZEZI (Apple of God’s eyes)

Quotes by:@vjbiggie4u

Lifeforce prayers by:Lola OLANIYAN

Edited & posted by:@djshyluckjimmy

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