Wednesday, 17 September 2014

Topic: The Day Of The Lord.

Opening Scripture: Romans 13:12-“the night is far spent, the day is at hand: let us therefore cast the works of darkness, and let us put on the armor of light’.

The bible makes us understand that the night is far spent, and the day is at hand. What day one may ask? The day of the Lord, i.e the second coming of our Lord Jesus Christ. In preparation of that day we are to told to put off the work of wickedness and put on the armor of light and refuse to give room for the flesh to fulfill it’s lust; Romans 13:14-15 “Let us work honestly, as in the day; not in rioting and drunkenness,not in chambering and wantonness, not in strife and envying, but put ye in the Lord Jesus Christ, and make not provision for flesh, to fulfill the lust therefore”
What are some significant things that regards that day? Before that day acts 20:20 tells us -the sun shall be turned into darkness, and the moon. Into blood, before that great and notable day of the Lord shall come. Secondly,the day is unannounced 1 thessalonians 5:2-‘ for yourselves know perfectly that the day of the Lord so cometh as a thief in the night, 2 peter 3:10-“but the day of the Lord will come as a thief in the night; in the which the heavens shall pass away with a great noise, and the elements shall melt with fervent heat, the earth also and the works that are therein shall be burned up”. Nobody know the day.
2peter 3:14 tells us ‘wherefore, beloved, seeing that ye look for such things, be diligent that ye may be found of Him in peace , without spot and blameless”. How prepared are you for this day?, if the day of the Lord is being talked about and fear still strikes your heart that you’re not going to make it other than being excited that Jesus is coming, then you need to be saved. Salvation is not inheritable, it can’t be possessed for you, it’s a non transferable responsibility that everyone must go through, if you are not yet saved it’s unsafe, you need Jesus and in case you’ve at one point been saved and you strayed away, Jesus’s arms are still open for you, how do I know this? 2 peter 3:9-the Lord is not slack concerning his promise he is not willing that any should perish, but that all should come to repentance” . He doesn’t want you to perish. Say this prayer ‘Lord Jesus thank You for dying for me, thank you for loving me even in my sins, I confess I am a sinner, cleanse me with your blood, write my name in the Lamb’s book of life and take it off the book of death, help me to live for you, this day I boldly confess you’re my Lord savior henceforth you’re Lord over me, I am now born again; amen’. Congratulations!. Pls contact fresh from heavens on our fan page at uduefe if you want a personalized inspirational advice. It’s my prayer that you won’t miss the Lord’s day in Jesus name amen. Remain Blessed.

Lesson for day- Salvation is key,we need to be sure o our salvation.

Quote for the day- Challenges are what make life interesting. Overcoming them is what makes life meaningful.

Lifeforce prayer: Oh Lord, grant me grace to be patient in all circumstances in the name of Jesus.
I subdue and overcome the power that influences hasty and ungodly decisions in my life in the name of Jesus. Amen!!

Compiled & written by:Uzezi (Apple of God’s eye)

Quotes by:VjBiggie

Lifeforce prayers by:Lola OLANIYAN

Edited & posted by:@djshyluckjimmy

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