Saturday, 20 September 2014

Topic: Willingness & Obedience

Opening Scripture: Isaiah 1:19-” if ye be willing and obedient , ye shall eat the good of the land”

Willingness and obedience are two major attributes every child of God should possess. God has placed good for us in every land, the land may not look like it but when you’re willing and obedient to God he certainly knows how to produce good out of where people think there’s no good, how do I know that ? Gen. 26 tells us there was great famine in the land(genesis 26:1), Isaac was about to move but God told him not to, but that he should sow in that same land
(genesis 26:12). When it comes to God, what He tells you to do might not humanly make sense but if you’re willing and obedient, he would certainly cause you to inherit a blessing. Isaac was willing as long as God has spoken.He was obedient and indeed he got his reward Genesis 26:12-13 tells us -‘then isaac sowed in that land.and received in the same year a hundredfolds and the LORD blessed him and the man waxed great and went forward and grew until he became very great’. It’s my prayer that by your willingness and obedience to God you would advance onwards in life and you would not just become great but very great like isaac
Our Father Abraham was willing and obedient, When God asked him to sacrifice his only son he never questioned the integrity of God, he was willingly to sacrifice Isaac, he didn’t even tell Sarah as long as God has spoken it He was sure to do it, he was obedient to the core
(Genesis 22:1-14). Our willingness and obedience to God always causes us to be blessed beyond measures, for the that singular act of Abraham God swore to bless Abraham in blessing, caused his seed to multiply, cased his seed to take down his enemies,and all the nations of the earth shall be blessed through him (Genesis 22:17-18) just by being willing and obedient, it’s my prayer that your willingness and obedience to God will cause you to inherit blessings beyond bounds in Jesus name amen. Ask the Holy Spirit for that thing you need to do to inherit a blessing, for Isaac he needed to sow in the land God asked him to, for Abraham was it was his willingness to sacrificing his only son & his eternal blessing came, ask for yours, you too would be blessed in Jesus name. Remain blessed.

Lesson for the day- Be willing and obedient to God, every willingness and obedience in carrying out God’s command always attracts a blessing.

Quote for the day: There are so many thoughts and emotion. But you have to be carefully for believing, because what you believe makes you.

Lifeforce prayers: I pray that may the Lord do for you, what will shock your enemies, may God promote you above your contemporaries. May God fight your hidden battles and grant you victory in every areas of your life. May God’s eyes of mercy shine upon you. May God send you help from the four corners of the World. May God deliver you from every evil plans of the enemies and answer all your prayers in Jesus name. Amen!!!

Compiled and written by: Uzezi (Apple of God’s eye)

Quotes by:VjBiggie

Edited and posted by:@djshyluckjimmy

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