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Governor of Osun, Mr Rauf
Aregbesola on Friday hosted advertising agencies association of Nigeria on their 42nd annual general meeting. He said the manner in which his
government had built the state into a brand won’t make
it possible for adversarial politicians to bring it down (referring to activities of opposition elements)
who had focused on his government over challenges of
unpaid salaries, the Governor told members of AAAN that the task before his
government when it came in 2010 was to change the
face of the state through a careful branding task.
Aregbesola who was represented by his Chief of Staff,
Alhaji Gboyega Oyetola, said “no matter how hard
traducers try, Osun will remain investor-friendly and
capable of attracting the best of minds for positive
engagements because of its peace and tranquility.
Delivering Governor Aregbesola’s speech at the opening ceremony of the event, Oyetola
said that with construction of roads and other
infrastructure put in place by the government during the
first term, the state has been able to attract global
attention with globally recognised awards for its noble
initiatives such as Opon Imo, Osun Youth Empowerment
Scheme (OYES) among others.
He charged the Association of Advertising Agencies of
Nigeria (AAAN) to press for greater legal access and
control over products, especially political adverts in
order to bring greater sanity to the industry.
Aregbesola noted that the association must try as much
as possible to control and filter what goes out, thereby
ensuring an effective check against advertisements that
are not ethical.
He recalled the hate campaign against President
Muhammadu Buhari during the last presidential
campaign as one which in all ramifications and rating
crossed the ethical barrier of advertising world over.
Aregbesola advised the association to do everything at
its disposal to ensure that products and political adverts
are subjected to thorough scrutiny.
According to him, “a political advert would have opened
a window into the political intentions of the advertiser.
Indeed, thanks to advertisement, one could never have
known of a particular good or service that one needs so
badly, and it might just be within one’s reach and a
telephone call away.
“However, it was largely agreed recently that some
political adverts against the candidature of President
Muhammadu Buhari (crossed by a long distance, certain
ethical lines) in the build up to the presidential election
in March.
“I am sure your association has misgivings about the
adverts and must surely regret that they were not
subjected to your censorship”. The Governor stressed.
Aregbesola commended the association for making
Osun the venue of the Annual general meeting, saying
the choice of Osun is apt because of its historical
significance as the cradle of the Yoruba race.
The governor also told members of the association that
Osun being one of the most peaceful states in Nigeria
will offer them a serene environment and an abundance
of nature’s best expression in its various formation.
He said, “as you all know, the Osun Grove is a UNESCO
World Heritage Site. The Oluminrin Waterfall is one of
the best in the world, it will soon be transformed into an
international tourist centre. We have just involved an
international tourism consortium that is injecting $18
million in the first phase of the development of the site.
“There are 48 other iconic tourist attractions in the
state. It is my hope that you will maximise your visit by
exploring these nature’s beauties in addition to the
warm and unsurpassed hospitality of our people. The president of the Association uMr. Kelechi Nwosu,
commended Governor Aregbesola for patronising only
qualified advertising agencies in promoting the
initiatives of the state.
He noted that Osun state has shown so much promise
to build her economy while working with branding
experts from AAAN.
Nwosu added that the Association will continue to
provide support as branding experts and communication
specialists to expand and deepen peace in Osun.
He pointed out that the role of the association in
national development goes beyond offering marketing
communication services to private sector, but
engendering proper understanding of government
policies to the public.
The AAAN boss added that engendering understanding
of government policies, people will be able to
participate, benefit and contribute to the growth of the
He said, “we thank Your Excellency for your kind
support to our association and members by patronising
only qualified advertising agencies. We also will
continue to provide support as branding experts to your
state to expand the peace and prosperity your state has
been enjoying”.

Source: nigerianpoliticsonline

Photo credit: Sunkanmi Atolagbe.

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