Monday, 29 September 2014

A new Harvard Business School study scheduled to
be released next week will highlight how Beyoncé
has come to “Run the World.”
Beyoncé surprised fans in December by secretly
dropping her fifth studio album exclusively on
iTunes, complete with 14 songs, 17 videos and no
advance publicity. The superstar songstress sold
more than 600,000 units in the U.S. in the first
three days of launch, and somehow managed to
partner with Facebook and Instagram without word
surfacing early.
Wrote Rolling Stone’s Rob Sheffield at the time:
Beyoncé has delivered countless surprises in her
15 years on top of the music world, but she’s
never dropped a bombshell like this. The whole
project is a celebration of the Beyoncé
Philosophy, which basically boils down to the
fact that Beyoncé can do anything the hell she
wants to.
And Harvard Business School Professor Anita
Elberse will be forcing students to think about
whether or not that’s true.
Elberse co-wrote the study with her former student
Stacie Smith, according to the Harvard Gazette . The
case will examine what it took to successfully pull
off the costly campaign, as well as the obstacles that
nearly hindered that success. Top executives from
Beyoncé-owned Parkwood Entertainment, her label
Columbia Records, Facebook and Apple have
provided their insight, which students will use to
decide what actions they would have taken had
they been working for the star.
Elberse will be teaching the case in her course,
“Strategic Marketing in Creative Industries,” early
next month, and will focus on questions such as,
“How will the unusual strategy affect other
musicians?” Or, “What effect might the release have
on Beyoncé’s relationship with companies not
included in the launch?” After all, behemoth
retailers Target and Amazon refused to stock the
record in spite of the iTunes exclusive.
“I think most people regard this release as a huge
success artistically, and I am among them,” Elberse
told the Harvard Gazette. “But whether it was
worth it from a business perspective is for the
students to figure out.”

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