Tuesday, 14 April 2015

Topic: Instruction Lovers.

Opening Scripture: Proverbs 10:17-”He who loves instruction is in the way of life, but he who refuses reproach goes astray”.

Instruction averts destruction. The main essences for instruction is to ensure that one is being guided. Without instructive measures, you may take longer time in achieving what ordinarily is not suppose to take long or you may even get lost. So we see, instructions are key for our smooth running in life.
Whenever a manufacturer produces a product, he leaves an instructional note on how to handle the product which is referred to as a manual . Our God is the Supreme manufacture, there was nothing that was created or will be created that He is not aware of, He is the only one who left a manual of instruction that affects our past, our present and our glorious future and that manual is “the bible”. Remember the whole essences of having a manual is for instruction. You would agree with me that no instruction in the manual is of benefit for the manufacturer, its all for your good. God has given us His word in print which is the Bible, that is our instructional manual for life. Make the bible your guide and you would be blessed you did . Remain Blessed.

Lesson for the day- Those who love God’s instructions, would enjoy life.

Quote for the day-
‘stick to God’s instructions’.

Life force prayers: Father, help me to remain resolute in you no matter the temptation or challenge on my path in destiny in Jesus’ name! Amen!!

Compiled & written by: Uzezi UDUEFE (Apple of God’s eyes)

Quotes by: Uzezi

Life force prayers by: Lola OLANIYAN

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