Wednesday, 06 August 2014

Global leading diaper manufacturer, Kimberly Clark
has introduced Huggies Pure & Natural diaper into
the Nigerian market. Huggies Pure & Natural diaper
is a super premium product made from pure and
organic cotton ingredients that provide gentle
protection for new born babies.
Speaking during a hospital sensitization tour at the
Mezonel Hospital, Surulere, Lagos, The Senior
Category Manager, Kimberly Clark West Africa,
Chidinma Uwadiae disclosed that the product was
made specifically for Nigeria babies. She added that
the country’s climatic condition was taken into
consideration while sourcing for materials and
throughout the production process of the product.
“Huggies Pure and Natural diaper is specifically
made for Nigerian and African new born babies
putting into consideration the climatic condition.
Besides that Huggies is a household name for
diapers, the new Huggies Pure & Natural is a special
product, it is here in Nigeria, for Nigerians and
Africans. It is in line with our resolve to deliver our
best for Nigerian and African babies”. Uwadiae
Speaking further she stressed that “we have
embarked on this activation for a few months now
to familiarize the product with mothers. Relating
with the mothers, we found out that the number one
unmet need is a diaper that provides superior
dryness, and also understands the sensitivity of
their new born babies, this is what Huggies Pure
and Natural stands for. Nigerian moms have finally
met what they are craving for, a diaper that is soft,
breathable and gentle.
Responding to the sensitization, an expectant
mother, Chinazor Onuoha, expressed excitement at
the news that Huggies specially made for new born
babies is now available in Nigeria, adding that
Huggies diaper brand has for long been the category
The new Huggies Pure & Natural diaper is
hypoallergenic, latex and fragrance free and features
a breathable outer cover that includes organic
cotton. The liner includes natural Aloe and Vitamin E
materials from renewable sources. The new diaper
comes in two sizes: Sizes One and Two

In a new campaign for its Depend brand, Kimberly-Clark is encouraging people to “drop
their pants.The campaign is the largest to date
for the brand and focuses on the Real Fit and Silhouette lines, which were designed to
look and fit like regular underwear.
The new campaign features a rap video and television commercial addressing the problem of
bladder leakage. It seeks to use social media to encourage people to talk about the problem,
and remove the negative image that has always been associated with it.
Liz Metz, the brand manager for Depend said “What we are trying to say is that
maybe the perception of the category and product are still dated. Almost half [of people with
bladder leakage] are under the age of 50; there are more 20-year-olds than 80-year-olds with
the condition. And it affects about a quarter of the population. We took a hard look at what
is stopping people from picking out the right solutions, and we are trying to deal with the
stigma head on. That was the underpinning of the campaign.”


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