Wednesday, 17 September 2014

Still talking about “Brand ACTIVATIONS” PZ Cussons plc, care products company, manufacturer
of Canoe laundry soaps, has unveiled its ‘alive with
color’ campaign on Nigeria’s first color care detergent
– Canoe detergent, which provides color care laundry
solutions to a growing population of consumers who
desire special care for their colored fabrics.
Speaking with journalists on the campaign in Lagos,
Alex Goma, managing director, PZ Cussons, reinstated
PZ’s commitment to innovation and a delightful washing
experience for the Nigerian consumers. “Our business
initiative hinged on consumer satisfaction is the driving
force in our quest to meet consumer expectations,’’
according to Goma. Canoe as a brand has evolved
through the years with a clear commitment to deliver on
maintaining the colors of your original colored
fabrics, stretching its equity from laundry and now into
detergents thereby helping consumers who desire to
care for their colored fabrics.
Sandy Griffiths, the firm’s marketing director, family
care, said: “We are delighted to unveil our ‘alive with
color’ campaign aimed at boosting lifestyle, taking
positive cues from confidence and pride so as to inspire
millions of customers to look their best at all times.
“Canoe’s laundry equity started in the 1980s with the
introduction of Canoe bar soaps. Today, the brand
enjoys stretch into detergents therefore ensuring a
seamless transfer of Canoe’s color care credentials
from one format to another.
“For all of these benefits, we have been endorsed by Da
Viva, Africa’s foremost contemporary fashion brand,
which also provides a platform for Canoe detergent to
establish its color care credentials.”
Carol Arhere, Da ViVa’s public relations officer, said “Da
Viva is particularly excited to partner with Canoe
detergent.” Both brands have the same qualities – bold,
innovative, expressive, contemporary, fashionable and
excellence. ‘We are indeed very proud and privileged to
partner with Canoe Detergent on its ‘alive with color’
According to the marketing manager, Fabric Care, Roy
Ekekwe, ‘‘many detergents clean but damage clothes
and run colors therefore causing quick fading and
shading on the long run. Canoe detergent has been
specially formulated to clean and care for all original
colored fabrics in all washing cycles, therefore
retaining colors more compared to ordinary detergents
in every wash.”
Roy explained further that, “to reach our targets, who
are mostly female in their prime who are very vibrant,
confident, jazzy, fashionable, stylish and most
importantly pride themselves in being colorful, we have
conceptualized a campaign themed ‘alive with color’
and we shall showcase colors in all of our touch
points campaigns on radio, BRT, press and digital.”

credit: ifeoma okeke

edited and posted by:@djshyluckjimmy

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