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What is content marketing or so to say content blogging? :

Content marketing or content blogging is the useful exchange of content to an audience in return for their attention. Content can take on many forms from
blogs to white papers or even podcasts/online or group fora.
The goal of any brand is to attract audience interest to their content and ultimately their product or service.
Content marketing at its core is creating material that resonates with a particular or general group of audience a brand is trying to reach. Content marketing is all about spreading insightful and useful information to customers as a marketing strategy.

From a simple copy driven blog to the most complex interactive website an aspiring copy blogger or professional content marketer must know these 5 principles of creating viral copies and addictive contents.

1] IDENTIFY YOUR TARGET AUDIENCE: Below are the 5 groups of people that surf and consume content on the internet.

a) The General Public: Generally this group of individuals are novices, beginners and they make up the largest of the cyber population

b) The Knowledgeable: This group of cyber users are familiar, mindful and generally in the know of what goes on around them everday.

c) The specialist: Are generally the techies or buffs. They are authorities in their niche.

d) Academia: Bookish, nerd, collegiate, brainy, insightful they are scholars.

e) Genius: They may not necessarily be scholars but these rare species are super brilliant and exceptionally enlightened intellectually.

Armed with these insights creating a content for each cadre shouldn’t be like a hole in the Antarctica anymore.

2] Engagement: Between quality content and quantity, one thing that is worthy of note before putting pen to paper of hitting that ‘TAB’ key on the keyboard after identifying who you are writing to is “WHAT KEY ELEMENT OR METRICS SHOULD BE TRACKED TO CREATE A VIRAL CONTENT”.
In this era of hashtags content marketing is veering away from vain ‘likes’ and bought followers. Content marketing is now more about ‘shares’ and ‘comments’. Other key metrics include page views,
unique views, subsciptions, time spent & social metrics. “In the simplest sense (on social), what’s
getting shared the most. What was valuable
enough to tell a friend about?
With less left to imagination “Engagement” can be different depending on what’s important for a brand, but authoritatively it’s all about CONNECTING with an AUDIENCE.

3) CTA’s: Call to actions are doing words as the name implies. It is a singular or compoynd word or a statement or sentence that implies the customer, consumer or audience to to get, try , buy or subscribe to a product or service ‘NOW’! Promos, press ads, online campaigns are never complete without a strong CTA!! #win, #join, #subscribe , #free #buyNOW are all classical examples of generic CTA’s.

Below are the 34 must-read content marketing blog as shared by atomic reach.

1. Uberflip
2. SteamFeed
3. Business2Community
4. Marketing Profs
5. Content Marketing Institute
6. Buffer blog
7. Jeff Bullas
8. Problogger
9. Jay Baer
10. Atomic Reach
11. Hub Spot
12. Short Stack Lab
13. Mashable
14. Copyblogger
15. Brian Solis
16. Social Media Examiner
17. Marketing Sherpa
18. Neil Patel
19. KISSmetrics
21. GrowthHackers
22. Word Stream
23. Moz
24. Hootsuite
25. NewsCred
26. CoSchedule
27. Sprinklr
28. Feldman Creative
29. Joel Klettke
30. TheNextWeb
31. Gregory Ciotti
32. Contently
33. Social Fresh
34. Marie Forleo

Brandradioblog’s top 5 includes mashable, copyblogger, Newscred, growthhacker and hootsuite.

credits: atomic reach via stand social

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