Tuesday, 03 February 2015

It’s not uncommon to work extended hours when
you first launch your small business. Your
passion and excitement for what’s to come
removes all sense of time. Your eagerness wakes
you before dawn and finds you working long past
the time the family has gone to bed. Over time,
the extended workday turns into extended
workweeks and, before long, what fueled your
start-up passion, has turned into a deadly habit
that’s killing you and your business. Researchers
have found that burnout has reached epidemic
proportions in the present jet age. Technology isn’t supposed to be our nightmare. Technology, we feel when Used correctly should make our workday more productive and efficient. Negative consequences of
burnout are well-documented among which are coronary
artery disease, depression, and autoimmune disorders which can stem from hormonal imbalance.
Fortunately, small business owners have control
over their time and can implement these 8
strategies below to stop business burnouts.

1. Establish priorities based on goals: Rather
than focus on your to-do list, the “squeaky
wheel”, or the biggest fire, prioritize your day
based on the actions needed to achieve your
business goals. By being goal-oriented rather
than time-oriented, you’ll eliminate
unnecessary tasks and achieve much more.

2. Perform in 40/20 cycles: Pierre Khawand,
author of “The Results Curve™: How to
Manage Focused and Collaborate,” discovered
after a decade of research that the best
results are achieved after 40 minutes of
focused work following by 20 minutes of

3. Stop multitasking: Once the sought-after skill
of the 80s and 90s, researchers are now
finding that multitasking is not all that it’s
cracked up to be. Although walking and
chewing gum is still an acceptable form of
multitasking (it’s automatic), responding to
email while talking on the phone adds to
inefficiency. Plus, it’s just plain embarrassing
when you’re asked a question that you’re
unable to respond appropriately to because
your attention is divided.

4. Delegate jobs: Entrepreneurs are notorious for
“doing it all.” Hand over suitable tasks to
skilled employees or vendors that support
your business objectives. It frees your vision
and creativity.

5. Keep yourself healthy: You are the primary
bread producer in your small business;
therefore, your ability to stay healthy is
crucial. Although many small business
entrepreneurs don’t feel they have the time to
exercise, studies show that entrepreneur who
run or bike have higher sales than even those
who strength train! And, to keep fueled with
energy-producing foods, follow Back to her
Roots solution, How I Prep Food for the Week .
One more thing – don’t eat lunch at your
desk! There’s nothing worse than having your
keyboard stick because of crumbs.

6. Play more: Recess isn’t just for kids. Taking
frequent breaks throughout the day refreshes
your creativity and reboots your brain.

7. Take weekends off: Fatigue costs more than
$136 billion per year in health-related lost
productivity; 84 percent of those costs due to
reduced performance at work. Is working on
your day off really worth it?

8. Unplug from technology: When the clock
strikes 5 p.m. or whatever arbitrary time
you have for closing down shop, turn off all
your technology. Your body and mind needs
time to renew after a hard day’s work.

credits: Jackie Nagel

Edited & posted by: @djshyluckjimmy

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