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With almost every person in this country
carrying a mobile phone today, SMS
Marketing has become an increasingly
popular mode of marketing tool these days.
With a single message being used to reach
out to the entire customer base, it is one of
the most cost effective and easiest form of
communication which is being used
increasingly by marketers today.

SMS means Short Messaging Service and
contains messages of 140-160 characters in
length. Since the messages can be sent
quickly to a large set of people, SMS
marketing has become a very powerful tool
for advertising and marketing your products /
services in today’s world.
Though SMS Marketing is being used by
more and more business houses as a
preferred mode of marketing tool, this mode
of communication has several advantages as
well as disadvantages which I am highlighting
below :


1) Ease of Reach

SMS Marketing enables you to use a single
message to communicate to your entire
customer base in one go itself. Thus, instead
of contacting each customer personally, you
can distribute your advertising message and
reach out to several customers with a single
2) Personal Communication
SMS has become the most popular mode of
communication today with most of us using
it to communicate with our friends, family
and acquaintances. Unlike an email or a
newsletter, nearly every message that is sent
on a mobile phone is read by the receiver.
Being an extremely personal mode of
communication, you can establish a direct
contact with your client and build your
business relationship further.

3) Cost Effective

SMS Marketing is one of the most cost
effective ways to reach out to your
customers. With the reducing SMS prices in
India and a single message being used to
reach out to all customers in one go, it helps
you reduce and optimize your marketing
budgets to a large extent.

4) Time Saving
Being an instant mode of communication, you
can reach out to their customers whenever
you want. Moreover, it is also possible to
track the delivery of the sent messages
immediately, thus reducing the overall
campaign time.

However in the present stage of dynamic youths (millenials) where blackberry and android broadcastes have taken centre stage i think companies especially mobile telecomm companies should review their “SHORT CODE SMS STRATEGIES”.With Nigeria as a case study and a particular service provider (name withheld) on check;either this mother company has lost guard or control over its short code sms vendors or the sms vendors themselves have lost morals and professional ethics;incessant and absolutely meaningless text messaging that has no functional meaning is now the “IN-THING” and i quote


text sample 2: send EBOLA to 32680 to recieve tips and facts on how not to contact the deadly virus.text costs N30

note:coupled with the fact that you can get almost like 10 of these sms per day i think its so outrageous of the “YELLOW COMPANY” to allow substandard engagements like these to be reaching their valued customers.Presently going by the fact that they have the largest subscriber base their network service provision and customer satisfaction has turned to an all time low and people are now considering the green and red Arabic networks and the yellow network isnt even bothered abour the present canker worm about to put the once mighty brand to a timely grave.

1) Spam Messages:

Bombarding users with repeated advertising
messages on their mobile phones can cause
more harm than good. Mobile phones are
very personal items and some people do not
like receiving marketing messages on it. Such
frequent spam messages can irritate the
users who can develop a negative attitude
towards your company and can adversely
affect your company’s reputation.
2) Short Character Limit

With messages being limited to 140-160
characters, it becomes difficult to create an
effective message within such short character
limit. Moreover, additional information in the
form of hyperlinks may not always be
received properly by the user’s phone.
3) Opt-in Lists

Many a times the users register their mobile
numbers with a Do Not Call Registry, which
means that they do not want to receive
promotional SMS from companies. Since
these users have not opted in to receive a
promotional message from your company,
ethically you cannot send them a promotional
SMS. This limits your customer base to some
While the above are major disadvantages of
using SMS as a marketing tool, yet many
marketers still prefer this mode of
communication to their customers and
However, the key question today is if you
really feel using SMS as a marketing medium
is still a suggested medium to communicate
with your customers a focus group on how to maximize these trustworthy tool is preferrable so that more harm than good isnt caused.


compiled by:@djshyluckjimmy

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