Tuesday, 22 July 2014


Harvard Business Review has pointed out that it’s tough when markets change and your people
within the company don’t but these days it’s even tougher when consumer category values change,
and companies don’t change the research tools or marketing metrics they use to measure them.Steve job first pointed out “it is innovation that makes the difference between a LEADER & the FOLLOWERS”.Brands have been using ”technology” as a differentiator but the fact is consumers always want an increased level of brand
connectivity but most struggling brands have found this elusive which in turn,instead of setting them as trailblazers positions them as tailgaters to rival brands. Brands fuses emotional and rational aspects of a category to identify how consumers really view a category but the inability of consumers to be able to articulate their expectations from a brand and agencies on the other hand not being able to distill brand deliverables to communicate properly to the end users leaves an unimaginary bridge-“THE CUSTOMER EXPECTATION GAP”.On the other hand content management isn’t for the faint-hearted Brands need to realize that between communication and product service content is not also about passing
a phrase. Content Management is not a practice you can throw money at or delegate an intern to oversee and wait for the
results to come rolling in those who cannot devote the time and resources to real content strategy not only dilute and pollute this kind of craft but also do a disservice to the practice .Truth is marketers want to call themselves Content Marketers without actually
doing any of the work—and then wonder why Content
Marketing is “ineffective. Everyone wants to talk the Content Marketing talk,
but who is actually walking the walk?

credit: Amber van natten & the forreste


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