Monday, 28 July 2014

slang is the continual and ever-changing
use and definition of words in informal
conversation, often using references as a
means of comparison or showing likeness.
some modern slang has endured over the
decades since its inception (i.e. cool ) and
some will only last a few years before
being rendered obsolete or outdated (i.e.
bling bling). slang can be born from any
number of situations or ideas (the word
slang itself has come to represent selling,
especially of illegal drugs), and can be
blunt or riddled with metaphor, and often
quite profound.
the use of slang is frequently ridiculed by
culturally-ignorant people who feel it is
the product of insufficient education and
believe it to be counter-evolutionary; of
course, they couldn’t be farther from the
truth. human language has been in a state
of constant reinvention for centuries, and
slang has been used and created by poets
and writers of all sorts (William
Shakespeare has been credited for the
upbringing of at least a couple of words).
it is the right and responsibility of the
modern human to keep re-evaluating
language, to give dead words innovative
contemporary meanings or to simply
invent new ones, in order to be more
appealing and representative to the
speaker/listener (which was essentially the
basis behind language anyway, to
understandably communicate thoughts or
ideas verbally).
the use of and constant flux in slang is
the only exciting thing happening in
language, making present day especially
interesting with the wealth of new words
and definitions appearing seemingly
everywhere. those who speak ill of slang
obviously feel threatened or alienated by
the evolution of a language they can’t
control, and all y’all trick ass marks need
to stop running ya gums ‘fore y’all gets
slapped the fuck up…bitches.
peace and much love,
cool, bling bling, slang, the conversion of
the degenerative “nigger” into the
acceptable if not triumphant “nigga”
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 
da current definition of this word is to sell
in the song white tees by Dem Franchise
boyz uses this term: “I slang in my white
The act of selling illegal narcotics.
Reference the song, “White Tees” by Dem
Franchize Boyz: “I bang in my white tee, I
slang in my white tee.”

credit:snizz,michel & treva

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